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Spring is Heating up The Color of My World

so happy to have the sun shining today, very much needed here in ohio! Ive been painting pretty steadily all winter and have also added a few of my rock and Gem

strands to the mix! Ive made 2 malas and SOLD 2 Malas in the last 3 days 🙂 happy dance , jump, boing, jump, jump! Ive also just sent out a giclee canvas print Of the Inner Peace Hamsa hand to a wonderful guy and his gal in California!

some very exciting days lately 🙂 wow!

Well back to the painting board for me, off and running and Ive only had 2 cups of coffee!




Park Avenue Gal

This sweet, free handed, lady came to be during a mid morning break, outside in the sunshine. I brought my travel set with me to work thinking that I might have some time to sit outside during a break….perfect time to practice some flesh tones!

I’d been watching, and still watch, Charles Reid……..ahh,  this is a master water color artist, amazing technique. He has a 3-4 color method for flesh tones that I adore, and have been busily practicing. He uses red, yellow, blue, and a mustardy color called yellow ochre. The other colors have names that aren’t coming to mind at the moment but I’ll post below so that you can give it a go as well! Anyway….I had about 45 minutes to see what I could do with this 4 color method and free handed this lovely lady, on a bench, outside in the sunshine.

Paintings & Greeting Cards


A beautiful beginning to a New Year and so excitedly happy for the new line of Greeting Cards ….yay and whoop whoop whoop!

Much to gush about and lots of hearts to put down on paper… to speak. The new line of greeting cards is now available.

See my Etsy store at painterlygypsy


A New Year and many new paintings

A New Year and many new paintings

I’ll just post a short one….Im off to the outside world to make a buck as they say! I have a lot in store for the new year, so many ideas and adventures to be a part of. Im looking forward to rearranging my website in the next few days and configuring it more like a gallery than a blog. I’ll keep the blogging going (now that some concentrated time has made its way into my life!) as thats what I love to do as well, wanted to be a writer at one time!

I’ll also be adding a shopping cart and a payment area that are secure (doing my homework 🙂 And of course easier viewing of my paintings and anything else that is available for purchase.

I’m busy also working on #100 paintings in the ATC style that are signed and numbered, alongside the other Painting ideas that crop up along the way. Im excited to show you whats new!

The Paintings that Ive sold already will soon be available in print and in notecard….soon!


The Star Gazing Goddess


Thank you so much for hanging in there with me <3


The Painterly Gypsy

Seeing Stars….a new painting

Seeing Stars….a new painting

Ive just finished a new painting, “Seeing Stars”.  She is a mixed media painting on 140 lb cold pressed watercolor paper and is 9×12. I have used watercolor paints, a various amount of printed paper media, stamps and india ink.

I really enjoyed the venture that this painting brought me through… went from one end to the other.

I started out with one idea and as she evolved, there were many turns and choices to make…meaning I had hit some brick walls in her making and had to decide whether to continue (which Im glad that I did…which just goes to show me) or to just put it aside and say hey, it just didn’t work out the way you wanted it to so give it a break already.

I overworked the paper and made some errors (I thought) and at one point I said well “another one bites the dust!” but for some reason I decided to keep on working it. I had loved the drawing and really kept seeing the whole painting finished in my mind. I take pictures of each steps process…Im glad that I do. I post them as well, and receive many likes in each state of, and I keep thinking to myself….well she’s not done yet, so what if you don’t like  her when Ive finished?

But Ive decided to put myself through this for many reasons. Some of which I haven’t figured out yet but I still post them. all art is a process and the many stages which each artist goes through are varied. We all say to ourselves>”is it done yet?” and somehow we know when that is………sometimes, well most of the time anyway.

Ive had so many people wanting to buy “her” at intervals of her making and at those times I say oh no..did I go too far? am I doing the right thing posting the process or? Yah all that stuff goes through my head….all the time. But so far posting the process is the thing to do. I want people to know what it is to create….anything……to see how creation evolves, each step. Each step is something new, something challenging, a decision, another idea..its like bringing something to life that wasn’t there before. And the greatest feeling when that something is done……is that “you” did it and its here for the world to see that you’ve made your mark…no matter what it is…you’ve created something and now theres an energy within that creation that is present.

I love painting, I love drawing…I love creation and creativity.


I See Stars

I See Stars