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First Live Sale on Saturday 7-14-18 !

First Live Sale on Saturday 7-14-18 !

Excited about the upcoming LIVE SALE this coming Saturday! Ive been out scouting some great finds and I cant wait to show you whats on the table!

There are some great “rough stones” to add to your collection, whether theyre pocket stones or for your alter….small stones are a fabulous way to begin! I also have some amazing “Elestial Quartz”, Lithium Quartz and Small “Occo Geodes”.

Please Join me on Saturday July 14th at 1pm for a great “LIVE SALE”



Celestite Geode with beautiful WANDS

Crystals, Rocks & Jewelry ..they make me so happy!

Im extremely happy to finally add in my crystals , rocks and jewelry! Each day is another mini mountain that Ive climbed up and conquered! Learning how to add in pictures for the items that are on my website are getting easier each time I do it. Practice, practice, practice!

Ill have more each week! And a LIVE SALE every Sunday!

Im happy, happy , happy to bring all the wonderful finds that Ive been stashing lately… BIG SMILE ON MY FACE!

Thanks for everyones blessings and patience while I walk this Healing Crystal Path!


Spring is Heating up The Color of My World

Spring is Heating up The Color of My World

so happy to have the sun shining today, very much needed here in ohio! Ive been painting pretty steadily all winter and have also added a few of my rock and Gem

strands to the mix! Ive made 2 malas and SOLD 2 Malas in the last 3 days 🙂 happy dance , jump, boing, jump, jump! Ive also just sent out a giclee canvas print Of the Inner Peace Hamsa hand to a wonderful guy and his gal in California!

some very exciting days lately 🙂 wow!

Well back to the painting board for me, off and running and Ive only had 2 cups of coffee!




Park Avenue Gal

This sweet, free handed, lady came to be during a mid morning break, outside in the sunshine. I brought my travel set with me to work thinking that I might have some time to sit outside during a break….perfect time to practice some flesh tones!

I’d been watching, and still watch, Charles Reid……..ahh,  this is a master water color artist, amazing technique. He has a 3-4 color method for flesh tones that I adore, and have been busily practicing. He uses red, yellow, blue, and a mustardy color called yellow ochre. The other colors have names that aren’t coming to mind at the moment but I’ll post below so that you can give it a go as well! Anyway….I had about 45 minutes to see what I could do with this 4 color method and free handed this lovely lady, on a bench, outside in the sunshine.