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The Painterly Gypsy

As an avid Artist for almost all of my days, I’m self taught of a sort, I’ve had art teachers in school, grammar, junior and high school as well. I would have taken it a bit farther (to college, and I went, but didn’t think art would be lucrative….sigh, I took psychology) or more seriously had I realized that I would never be as good a “me” as when Im painting or drawing or just creating something. I’ve taken online classes just in the last year and finally learned how to draw an actual face, it still surprises me. I love the process of painting and drawing, I love getting lost for hours and not realizing how much time has passed until I finally look up at the clock. I adore color, colors of every kind…even the black and whites and grays, each one tells a story about you. How you’re feeling, how you felt when you

painted or had drawn it and how long it took to move on to another segment of your life. I love how it feels when you have paint on your brush, and you put it to paper and just let the good times roll, it does feel good, it really does.

Im a spirited soul, a spiritual being and have always felt a Gypsy residing within me. Its probably why I’m always looking for that next adventure, or the meaning of life and whats next. I consider myself a free thinker…. Live and let Live and give respect to every living thing. We all have a need to express ourselves in one way or another. My way is through painting and drawing.

Much love and blessings,


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